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Who We Are

Our Mission

On a mission to better the financial future of our clients and individuals in the community, Milestone Coach Advisory Services is steadfast in our commitment to provide unbiased, independent advice that is in your ultimate best interest.

Our mission as a firm is accomplished through long-term client relationships that are forged out of mutual respect, trust, and transparency. Your goals become our goals, and your success becomes our success. Whether you are a business owner or an individual, our firm will create a successful retirement income strategy that works for all involved. Taking into account the various nuances of your situation, we will guide you on a path that leads to the achievement of your goals and a future in which you can be confident.

Furthering our mission, Milestone Coach Advisory Services is proud to be the Hawaii chapter for F3E (Foundation for Financial Education). Through this nonprofit organization, our firm provides free financial workshops to community members in an effort to promote and increase financial literacy here in Hawaii.

Our Values

A values-based firm, we believe that the best laid financial plans are founded on integrity, respect, and transparency. Collaborating with firms across the country and committing to our continued education as professionals, Milestone Coach Advisory Services strives to bring you the best resources and independent advice without exception.

Integrity - Our main objective is to uphold integrity in every client interaction and professional endeavor. Building trust with our clients is essential to the financial planning process, and is our number one priority as a firm. By taking care of our clients first, they are free to create a legacy that will be passed down and cherished for generations to come.

Respect - It takes an immense level of confidence and bravery to be vulnerable in areas of your personal finances. Milestone Coach Advisory Services honors that dedication by upholding the highest degree of respect and reverence with our clients. Humbled and proud to be the firm our clients trust, our team will never stop striving to be the best for the individuals and businesses we serve.

Transparency - We provide financial insight, clarity, and understanding to our clients and to the community. As a firm, we value transparency in the advice we give, the plans we create, and the daily interactions we have with individuals and business owners. Never to be left in the dark or unsure of your financial future, you can always rely on the transparent services of Milestone Coach Advisory Services.